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How Satisfied Are You?

When it comes to client satisfaction how many of us can say we are truly satisfied with any of our service providers? In the property management industry clients understand exactly what they need, and here at PayLease, we try to exceed their expectations. Upon completion of our recent 2013 Client Survey, we were flattered to receive high marks in both product features and support services. Not only do we bring expertise in customer service and accounting integration, but we provide some of the fastest delivery and processing times in our industry and the world of online payments! We understand the benefits of collecting funds quickly and why it is an important part of your business. We take our clients’ needs seriously and we measure our success by the feedback we receive. After our 2012 Client Survey we invested additional resources in client support and product services and here is what over 1100 of our clients had to say about the improvements made in 2013… Survey Results:

  • 93% of our clients would recommend PayLease to another property management company
  • The average satisfaction rating for our products and services was an 8.1 based on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely satisfied)
  • The average satisfaction rating for our client support services was 8.3 based on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely satisfied)

If you can’t say you would recommend your current online rent payment provider, or you aren’t as satisfied as our clients, PayLease is here to address your concerns. Our happy clients are part of the PayLease family, so let us make things easy for you and join the rest of our satisfied clients!

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