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Our Values, Part 2: The Power of We

Teamwork. Some companies throw that word around and hang up motivational posters in the office and do ‘trust exercises.’ Here at PayLease, teamwork is something we actually live. We actively and intentionally partner with our employees, our clients and our partners. (Can you partner with a partner?  We think so.) And the four words that support our second core value – The Power of We – get to the heart of what teamwork really means to us.


No one has the market covered on good ideas. We believe that working together is going to uncover the best possible option. We have been using Agile methodology since 2011, so creating a highly collaborative workspace comes naturally. But our collaborative nature isn’t confined to the walls of our office. We want to collaborate with prospects and clients and partners and vendors to find the best possible outcome. Business is complex and we want to solve problems. The best way that we know how to do that is to work together.


In the heat of the moment, you might think the person sitting across the table from you is crazy! Or spiteful, uninformed or selfish. But we aren’t going to say those words out loud. Because if you are really embracing the Power of We, then you have to assume that the other person wants success and happiness as much as you. So we are going to always walk into the conversation with respect. Facts can come to light, assumptions can be unveiled and history can set expectations – all factors that might change that crazy, spiteful, uninformed, lazy person into the smartest person you know. Good thing you treated them with respect!


What good is anyone’s word these days?  People seem to break promises every day. But PayLease isn’t The Bachelor. We are going to say what we mean, and do what we say. We take tremendous pride when people say, “I knew I could count on you.” Of course you can. We know that honesty is better than empty promises, and delivery is the thing that matters most. We put the effort behind the commitment to make sure we are dependable.


It is one thing to be loyal to your company and your team. In some respects that is easy. But what about being loyal to the clients that you represent? What about being loyal to the resident who is calling in with a question? What about being loyal to the partner who you are developing a software integration with?  All of those relationships deserve loyalty too. At PayLease, part of the Power of We is that we won’t leave you when the going gets rough. We are in the trenches with you and we will keep fighting until victory is ours.

At PayLease, teamwork underpins everything that we do. Through our years of being collaborative, respectful, dependable and loyal, we have learned to harness the true Power of We. It is a mighty thing!

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