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Why In the World Do Residents Still Write Checks?

Some consumers/residents will always write checks to pay their rent and/or HOA dues… It’s what they’re comfortable with and that is just fine. But overwhelmingly, we find that consumers are forced into writing checks simply because their property management companies aren’t set up to accept online transactions. In this day and age, it seems pretty silly.

At one point in time I can understand the anxiety. Property Managers and HOAs have thin IT staffs and it was once a daunting task to setup an e-payment system. But now, it’s so easy and requires very little involvement from IT. And since providers can directly integrate with your accounting systems it saves you far more time than just the trip to the bank. 

 So – Let’s stop beating our heads against the wall. Give residents what they want and implement a system that saves you time and money. It’s a win/win.

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