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How Zego’s acquisition of Mobile Doorman revolutionizes resident experience management

Zego doubles down on its commitment to elevate the resident experience for multifamily communities by acquiring Mobile Doorman.

Last week, we made a big announcement. Zego (Powered by PayLease) has acquired Mobile Doorman! Mobile Doorman is multifamily’s leading mobile platform designed to improve the resident experience. And because of this, we are thrilled to welcome them to our team.

While we released a formal announcement about our plan to join forces, there’s more to this exciting acquisition that we’d like to share.

Honoring our commitment to improving the resident experience

Almost exactly a year ago, we rebranded ourselves from PayLease to Zego™.

We rebranded partially to have a name that’s more inclusive of our offerings. But even more to accelerate the trajectory towards our ultimate goal: modernizing the resident experience and helping property managers to boost retention rates and profitability.

Back when we were PayLease, our product offerings focused solely on managing resident payments. But at the core, our objective has always been to help property managers go above and beyond for their communities. By doing so, property managers can keep residents happier and more satisfied, and ultimately, reduce churn.

We believe resident satisfaction stems from more than building amenities. Resident satisfaction is built (or eroded) by every interaction that’s had within your community.

Making it our mission to help you attract, delight, and retain today’s residents

Today’s residents want a frictionless experience at every touchpoint. Whether it’s claiming a package, submitting a work order, or interacting with the community manager, residents expect a flawless experience. When too many day-to-day aspects of living in a community are inconvenient, residents move on.

That’s why we’re so invested in removing the friction from resident touchpoints. Because we know that even small increases in retention have big impacts on NOI and the overall health of your portfolio.

From a technology standpoint, we began expanding our platform to enable a seamless experience for the resident and easier workflows for on-site teams. Eventually, we built an all-in-one mobile app that reimagines all aspects of the resident lifecycle. Paying rent was just one of the many features of our app, and that’s why rebranded to Zego™.

Today, one year after our rebrand, we’re taking our commitment to improving the resident experience several steps further. Merging Mobile Doorman’s app with Zego Engage™ will result in the most comprehensive community app in the multifamily industry. Our combined solutions will give clients the tools that take the resident experience to a new level. We are sure of it.

Ready to dial up your resident experience?

Get a custom demo to see how our all-in-one community app can help you go above and beyond for your residents.

Welcoming the pioneer in resident apps for multifamily

Since we announced our acquisition, we’ve heard one question over and over. Why Mobile Doorman?

For one, Mobile Doorman pioneered the concept of branded multifamily resident apps. They also built their mobile solution with the highest standards in mind. The Mobile Doorman platform is very user-friendly. Sometimes that means you won’t find much under the hood. But that’s far from the case here.

As we evaluated Mobile Doorman, we gained a great appreciation for their accomplishments. Their custom solution increases engagement and improves the resident experience. They also lower operating costs via mobile maintenance requests and package management. Features like amenity reservations and in-app lease renewals help drive revenue.

If that isn’t enough, Mobile Doorman’s values mirror our own. Nitin Vig, Mobile Doorman’s CEO, said it best. “Zego™ shares our vision of building a bridge between what residents expect and what property managers provide from a service and mobile technology standpoint. Like us, they work hard to support property management companies in improving resident retention and improving their NOI.”

With these shared ideals, we know the talent at Mobile Doorman will fit in well with our team at Zego.

What’s next in Zego’s resident experience management journey?

Initially, we plan to offer the Mobile Doorman solution alongside Zego Engage™. Existing clients of both companies will continue to use their respective platforms the same way they always have. Each platform will operate separately until we integrate them into one solution that offers the best of both companies and the best experience for residents. ‍

With this acquisition, our vision and mission won’t change. First and foremost, our priority will continue to be going above and beyond for our clients. And, if anything, our customers can expect faster innovation with the products they already know and love. Together with Mobile Doorman, we have more resources and support, which allows us to expand our Zego Engage™ solution and strengthen service.

We’re excited to welcome Mobile Doorman to the Zego family, as we work to reimagine the multifamily resident experience.

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