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The Resident Experience Podcast

Dive into the world of property management operations, where the resident experience is the cornerstone of success. Join us on a journey through the multifamily industry, as we sound off on current trends and interview top industry professionals. You’ll gain invaluable insights to grow your business and propel your career. With every episode, discover what’s hot - or what’s not - in multifamily operations and how you can elevate resident experiences portfolio-wide.

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The Resident Experience Podcast, hosted by Zego, is a property management podcast that explores ways to create extraordinary experiences for residents of multifamily communities. Each episode highlights the people and communities that create the best living experiences around.

Hosted By

Yolanda Muchnik

VP, Marketing at Zego

Yolanda has deep expertise in marketing, strategy, and digital transformation. She is passionate about leveraging technology to drive growth and innovation in the property management sector.

Charles Buggs

Manager, Customer Success at Zego

Charles is dedicated to using his 14 years of on-site operations to empower industry professionals. His mission is to provide valuable insights on navigating and overcoming challenges in property management.

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