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Zego™ debuts partnership with LevelCredit, a RentTrack company, aiming to help residents achieve their financial goals

The leader in Resident Experience Management empowers renters to build their credit history with its all-new Zego Pay LevelCredit Reporting service.

SAN DIEGO, CA – APRIL 08, 2021 – Zego™ (Powered by PayLease), the property technology company that helps operators modernize their resident experience and boost retention, and LevelCredit, a leading data furnisher helping consumers report their largest monthly expenses to their credit files, today unveiled a new strategic partnership that will help residents easily build their credit history simply by paying their rent using the Zego Pay platform.

By opting-in to the all-new Zego Pay LevelCredit Reporting program, residents can automatically have their on-time rent payments reported to select credit bureaus by LevelCredit at no additional cost to the resident, helping build their credit history each month. Residents will also have the option of upgrading their LevelCredit membership to include premium reporting features, supported by $1M in Identity Theft and Credit Restoration Insurance. All available via a user-friendly platform for monitoring their credit and other insights into their credit score, with the launch of a new Premium subscription later this year.

“Our focus is on finding new ways to improve upon the resident experience while also unlocking new efficiencies for our customers whenever possible. In my mind this is one of the best examples of delivering on that promise,” said Stephen Baker, Chief Product Officer at Zego. “Considering less than one percent of Americans see their positive rental payment history on their credit report, this program not only helps property managers streamline rent collection, but also empowers residents to reap great additional benefits as a result of living in their community and paying on time each month.”

As part of the partnership with Zego Pay, which enables a frictionless and fully digital rent payment experience, LevelCredit will also provide an optional LookBack service for residents who want to report up to two years of past payments on the same lease for a small one-time fee.

Today’s announcement builds upon the already-robust Zego Pay platform, which debuted two brand-new features last month, Zego Pay Rapid Account Linking and Zego Pay Mobile CheckScan, to further enhance the efficiency of the Zego resident experience.

To learn more about Zego Pay and LevelCredit, please visit:

About Zego
Zego™ (Powered by PayLease) is a property technology company that modernizes resident experience management to boost retention, productivity and NOI. Zego’s mobile-first engagement platform for the residential real estate industry unifies the most critical resident touch-points into one app. From payment and utilities, to communications and smart devices, everything is seamlessly integrated into your back-end system. Since its inception in 2003, Zego has grown from a payments provider to a comprehensive resident experience management platform. With more than 350 employees, Zego services 6,000 residential real estate companies and over 12 million units nationwide. Zego is backed by Vista Equity Partners, a leading technology investment firm focused on enterprise software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. Learn more about how Zego drives community engagement and efficiency at

About LevelCredit
LevelCredit serves as the leader in rent reporting to help consumers add their largest monthly expenses to their credit files. LevelCredit is dedicated to a simple mission: help consumers get the credit they deserve by enabling them to report major expenses that are not currently included in their credit files. Through its key services– rent reporting, and past payment reporting– LevelCredit aims to level the playing field for millions of Americans in order to make credit fair and accessible for all. For more information about LevelCredit, visit