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Slideshare: How to reach 100% digital payment adoption

At Zego, we eat, sleep and breathe digital payments. So imagine our surprise to learn that 70 % of resident payments are still collected and processed manually.

To right this wrong, we embarked on a research mission. We spoke to our clients, industry experts, and our own Zego Client Success Advocates to compile all the ways management companies drive digital payment adoption at their communities.

We distilled our findings into 5 game-changing strategies that collectively serve to drive 100% digital payment adoption across your resident base:

  1. Onsite staff change management and training
  2. Resident onboarding
  3. Alignment of resident incentives
  4. Offering multiple payment options
  5. Resident engagement & communication

This slideshare guides property managers through these 5 strategies with actionable advice and free templates including: email messages, checklists, contest instructions, and more. Become the champion for transformation at your community by driving towards 100% digital payment adoption.

View the deck

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