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Our platform

Zego™ is a mobile-centric engagement platform built especially for residential real estate professionals. Our technology removes the friction from the most critical resident touchpoints and automates the dreaded tasks that consume community managers. From payments and utilities, to communications and smart devices, Zego™ delivers portfolio-wide efficiency, higher NOI, and more engaged residents.

What you'll love most about the Zego™ platform

There’s perks for your entire team thanks to a comprehensive platform that’s backed by expert industry guidance and award-winning, personalized support.

Higher Resident Retention and Engagement

Tools that better connect you to residents

  • Comprehensive mobile-centric resident app
  • Residents customize their communication preferences so you can always reach them
  • Consolidated payments that cover all charges (rent, utilities, ancillary fees, etc.)
  • Credit reporting for on-time rent payments
Happier Staff and Higher Productivity

Smarter workflows that increase productivity

  • Eliminate paper-based payments
  • Remove the utility accounts payable burden
  • Automate work orders and package notifications
  • Simplify resident communication
Increased revenue and reduced operating expenses

Increased NOI and differentiated communities

  • Increase rent premiums with smart amenities
  • Maximize utility recovery
  • Reduce costs from utility late fees, errors, vacant unit theft and waste
  • Improve cash flow with 100% digital payments

The Zego™ product platform

An all-in-one app to connect and manage your communities

Zego™ Mobile Doorman brings together property managers and on-the-go residents to resolve all of the everyday challenges of apartment living. Our mobile-first app is a comprehensive solution for resident communication, rent payments, work orders, package notifications, and other pressing needs. With an intuitive interface that’s custom branded for your community, you’ll dial up the resident experience, improve staff efficiency, and boost your bottom line.
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Ultra-modern amenities that command happier residents & higher rents

Equip your communities with a modern edge over the competition. Smart connects residents with their home and empowers community managers with a unified platform that gives them better control over property operations. From installation, to setup and ongoing management, we cover all the bases of smart apartment living.

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Digitally collect 100% of resident payments

Zego™ Pay minimizes the amount of paper payments that come through the door by offering residents convenient and flexible alternatives. Residents can pay online, with a mobile app, or in person at a retail location. No matter how they choose to pay, each transaction seamlessly integrates into your accounting software, saving your staff valuable time.
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Comprehensive utility management to propel productivity and increase NOI

Maximize expense recovery and give your on-site staffs the freedom to do more with their day with Zego™ Utility. Zego achieves all of the necessary evils of utility management on your behalf. From invoice auditing, to accounts payable, and expense recovery, our end-to-end solution gives you better control over expenses and boosts operational productivity.

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Ready to make a difference?

Contact us today and go above and beyond for residents through Zego’s resident experience management solutions.

  • Property Managers

    Zego is a property technology company that creates tools to help you go above and beyond for the communities that rely on you. We’re evolving with the residential landscape, offering products and services that help you organize, communicate and stay proactive.

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  • Property Owners

    Zego creates tools to help your property become more appealing, efficient and profitable. We offer technology that streamlines your most challenging processes, so you can focus on improving and maintaining your assets.

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  • Property Developers

    Zego helps you create properties that are more appealing, efficient and profitable. We’re evolving with the residential landscape, offering products and services that align with developers’ needs and residents’ aspirations.

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  • HOAs & Community Associations

    Zego creates tools to help your community association go above and beyond for homeowners. We streamline your most time consuming processes so you can focus on improving your community.

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