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Case Study: Seamless Online Payment Integration Delivers a 97 Percent Time Savings for EZR Management

Property management companies use online payment services to save themselves time and to create a seamless way of collecting HOA dues or rent payments. But what happens if you have to jump through a ton of hoops for your online payment data and your property management software to sync? Is having an online payment solution without a solid integration even helpful?

In our latest case study, EZR Management, a Memphis-based property management company, shared the challenges they faced with their former payments provider before they switched to PayLease. Their biggest gripe was a finicky integration between their online payment solution and Caliber, their property management software. In fact, Ryan Edwards, President of EZR Management, used the words “Redundant, annoying, and not helpful” to describe the integration between the two programs. The effects trickled down to EZR’s homeowners as well, who couldn’t always see their balance in real time. Tired of wasting countless hours resolving technical issues related to the poor integration, Edwards began researching other payment vendors, which is where PayLease came in.

Thanks to our complete integration with all major property management softwares – Caliber included – PayLease rose to the top of EZR’s list. After putting PayLease to the test in several extensive demos, EZR made the switch to PayLease. Edwards said that unlike other vendors, “PayLease offers a true integration with Caliber. I don’t have to perform a long list of steps to for the integration to work. I just click a button and the data I need is there.”

The result of PayLease’s seamless integration has been a significant savings in both time and money, which Edwards elaborated further on. “What used to take us 80+ hours to reconcile now takes about two.” Even better, Edwards estimates they save approximately $50,000 per year from these time savings.

As you can see, having a best-in-breed online payment solution coupled with seamless integration into your property management software delivers powerful results. If you accept online payments at your properties, but have trouble viewing that data in your property management software, contact us. We’d be happy to let you compare your current integration with ours.

Want to learn more about EZR Management’s story? Check out their case study here!

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