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Easy Ways to Connect with Residents: Technology Edition

Apartment community amenities have changed radically over the years. Back in the 70’s all you needed was a pool and a tennis court. Resident tastes are more complicated these days. Some apartment communities now place their focus on ‘comfort’ amenities, such as spa rooms and yoga classes.

Others put the focus on our four legged friends with such things as ‘doggie detail rooms’, ‘catbitats’, canine agility courses and even adding catnip to the community herb garden.

But all communities, regardless of size, know that to be successful today, you have to provide the latest technology amenities for your residents. Here are some technology amenities that residents will appreciate, and even better, make your job easier.


One technology residents absolutely will not do without these days is Wi-Fi. While there are apartment buildings that offer free Wi-Fi to all of their residents, those properties are in the minority. Most have realized that offering free Wi-Fi in the common areas of their properties (pool, clubrooms, etc.) is sufficient and can be offered in lieu of the business center. Residents can simply bring their own devices to the Wi-Fi enabled areas and just log on for access. And what pairs nicely with free Wi-Fi? Free coffee! Residents LOVE their coffee and Wi-Fi!

Online Payments

No one wants to drop a check off at the management office or go through the hassle of mailing it. Online payments are easy for the resident, who can pay anytime, anywhere. They’re even easier for property managers, who don’t have to worry about manually processing payments. Residents can even schedule recurring payments so they never have to think about a payment and you can rely on timely funds each month.

Text Alerts

When it comes to communicating with your residents, texting is the way to go. Residents are more likely to read a text message versus an email, which makes it a great way to communicate important announcements like the water will be shut off, the parking lots will be getting striped, etc. There are some of the great texting programs available these days at a reasonable fee.


E-Sign applications are a big time saver for both residents and property managers. Residents can renew their lease without the hassle of coming into the management office! They simply ‘sign’ their renewal electronically – so simple and so convenient.

Package Acceptance

Do you accept resident packages? New services are available to help you streamline this task. It will electronically notify your residents that a package is available for pickup.  Residents can electronically add “agents” to their account, allowing their roommate, loved one, assistant, co-worker, parent, etc. to securely pick up items on their behalf.

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