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Our Values, Part 3: The “I” in Win

Have you ever encountered someone who takes the teamwork idea too far?  Someone who hides behind their team? Or takes credit for team successes but bails out when the team stumbles?  We have no space for such people at PayLease. We love teamwork, don’t get us wrong, but we know that personal accountability matters as well. The four words that make up the “I” in Win all exemplify how accountability plays out at PayLease.


You gotta know what you know, and know how to find out what you don’t. Our employees are not know-it-alls, but they are information seekers. PayLeasers love to learn and we hire people who want to figure stuff out and who will use all means at their disposal to get answers. That doesn’t mean that we are obnoxiously in each other’s business. It means that we will ask questions, read articles, try something new, consider a different approach and actively engage in the process of learning. Stagnation doesn’t really agree with PayLease as continuous forward motion is more our style. Our resourcefulness keeps us stretching.


We recognize that the world today is pretty darn dynamic. What was a universally-accepted principle a few years ago (like taxis are the only modes of individual shared transportation), are challenged daily. Markets change, needs change, technologies change and we need to keep pace. The only way we know how to do that at PayLease is to infuse our people with a sense of resilience. No, today doesn’t look like yesterday – and that is okay. Resilience is particularly critical when working for a company that is growing as quickly as PayLease. We have to respond to needs and have the right staff in the right place to make it happen. We often say, ‘if you don’t like change, then PayLease might not be for you.”


We are people determined to look at the bright side of life. The skies may darken, but after the rain comes the rainbows. While that might be ‘motivational poster’ worthy, we really do believe in the power of positivity.  When you go into a situation with the core belief that there will be a positive outcome, it opens your mind to see possibilities that might have eluded a negative person. We won’t sugar coat the struggles, but we will find a way through it. Our positivity enables us to be fun and hardworking; to be solution oriented and a bit silly; to be a serious player in the marketplace who isn’t afraid to dance. No matter what we are facing, we are confident that, on behalf of our clients and partners, we will prevail.


We like to win. But that doesn’t mean we want to beat you. Unless you are a competitor – then we really want to beat you. If you are a client or partner or prospect, we want to win with and for you. For PayLease, losing just isn’t an option, tapping out isn’t for us. We are going to make a run at it time and time and time again. Each time, we will get better, be more formidable and our relentless drive will overtake whatever obstacle is in our way.  You might think we are exaggerating, but be careful if you invite PayLease to a corporate challenge. We take winning seriously.

The “I” in Win is essential to our success because it means that every employee matters. Everyone has a job to do and brings something to the company that no one else can bring. We want to feed into everyone’s personal success, because we feel that investing in our employees is one of the great things that makes PayLease such a great place to work.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our values.

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