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Switching is Easier Than You Think!

As the payment processing industry has evolved, better solutions have come along. We see property managers migrate from older online payment systems to PayLease all the time. Fact is, in the early days payment processing was not industry specific. Solutions like PayLease have made it their mission to provide a system that applies to the business of property management.

Features like management software integrations, transit and deposit times, flexibility in fee structures, security and custom settings are all important to making your payment system run smoothly. Most people understand this. A common hesitation when considering switching providers is the misconception that it will take a lot of work on the property manager’s end. Maybe because of bad experiences in the past. Maybe because they compare it to other tech related undertakings that do require lots of work like software switchovers, IT departments, etc…

Switching to PayLease couldn’t be easier! The time it takes for you to “go live” on our payment processing solution can vary of course depending on your account details and customization. However, it is common to have a new management company accepting online payments in a matter of days. Much of this is attributed to our system’s ease of use, the software and banking relationships we have built over the years and most importantly our willingness at PayLease to make it happen!

Lastly, don’t forget about the launch of your system and communicating it to your residents. Getting it implemented is only half of the equation. Then you have to tell ‘em! Our industry leading marketing programs will help you increase utilization and get the most out of your online payment system. The more electronic payment you get the less paper you deal with!

What’s keeping you from switching?

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