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Proven property management software partners

Rent Manager is designed to help property management companies succeed. This powerful property management software gives you all the services you need to run your business. Plus, Rent Manager and Zego seamlessly connect, automating manual workarounds and processes that slow you down.

We're better together

There’s a reason Zego is a Rent Manager Preferred Partner for digital payments and utility management. Our built-in functionality automates manual processes so you can improve property performance and save your staff time.
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Get growing with Rent Manager

  • Complete property accounting allows you to track every aspect of your finances
  • Website integration and digital applications help you attract and close new residents
  • Tenant Web Access portal helps you manage all resident touchpoints
  • Powerful reporting gives you the insights you need to manage all property finances

Zego + Rent Manager: Empowered through partnership

Rent Manager and Zego have worked side by side to develop a fully embedded solution to streamline your operations and provide a better resident experience. Joe Easton of Rent Manager said with this partnership, Rent Manager customers "can stay in our software but still get the [the] powerful robust solution that Zego has to offer. When Rent Manager customers use Zego, there’s lots of great benefits that they’re going to enjoy [...] both with digital payments and utility expense management." Take a look at what a few of our clients said about their Rent Manager integration with Zego. 

  • It’s seamless. It’s there. It’s done. Tenants can have access, and they make their payment, and there it is. There’s no additional work that needs to be done.

    Diane Adamis
    Garden Homes Management
  • The time saved with using Zego over taking in payments probably saves me two working days [a month].

    Moreen Morgan
    Wildcat Creek Management Company
  • We can accept online rental payments from our tenants and now people can login and pay online. It really integrated well with all of our Rent Manager features.

    Michelle Roberson
    Sierra Property Group
  • Zego has been great. It takes all of the work out of what I do. There’s very few checks that I have to enter thanks to their integration within [Rent Manager]. And it’s almost seamless, it seems as though it’s not anything separate. In fact, when I first started, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just part of Rent Manager.

    Manja Fields
    Imperial Realty Management Corp.
  • The integration with Rent Manager and Zego is completely seamless. We see no ripples on our side [...] many of our employees don't even know there is an integration, they think it's all one software.

    Julie Scanlan
    Zeman Homes

A perfect pair to streamline critical workflows and save your staff time

  • Increase digital rent payments

    Collect more rent payments online and eliminate cash, check, and money orders.

  • Gain automatic payments visibility

    Enjoy seamless payments integration with Rent Manager's accounting software.

  • Simplify utility billing and expense management

    Recover resident utility expenses and automate accounts payable.

  • Create a uniform resident experience

    Enable residents to view and pay rent, utilities and other property charges through the Rent Manager Tenant Web Access portal.

Rent Manager with Zego makes a difference

"Using Zego payments, utility management, and billing has made a world of difference. I wish we would have started using Zego sooner."

- Jennifer Howard, Chief Financial Officer at Boutique Apartments

multifamily resident paying rent online with rent manager

Online rent payments with Rent Manager

Zego Pay is fully embedded -- redefining what it means to have a seamless Rent Manager integration.

  • Collect rent online via eCheck, credit and debit card directly through Rent Manager Tenant Web Access
  • Enable cash rent payments at local retailers, and have them recorded automatically in Rent Manager
  • Instantly convert checks scanned with Rent Manager into digital transactions
  • Outsource paper-based payment processing with Lockbox
  • Most of our residents already shop at places like Walmart, so they can simply pay rent when they are out running errands, without the extra step of bringing the payment back to our office. And most importantly, it gives them immediate assurance that their payment was received by us, which is critical after our drop box theft.

    Allison Treadwell
    Office Manager at Franklin Management
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Comprehensive utility management

Zego Utility eases the burden of utility management - from accounts payable to billing.

  • Recover water, sewer, trash, gas, and electric charges via RUBS utility billing or submeters
  • Give residents one itemized statement that includes rent, utilities, and ancillary charges with Zego Utility Billing
  • Cut costs by having your utility bills automatically received, audited, and paid by our team

Demo Zego + Rent Manager

More than just an integration – Zego is a fully embedded digital payments solution within Rent Manager’s platform. Our partnership has lasted more than a decade, giving us plenty of years to refine and perfect our seamless built-in functionality. Rent Manager and Zego, together, deliver optimized and automated workflows, accurate data, and zero manual workarounds. Get a free demo of our Rent Manager digital payment solution.

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