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Zego and ResMan Integrations

Simplified workflows for rental property owners and operators

ResMan’s property management software empowers your team to excel at their jobs. From operations to marketing and accounting, ResMan delivers end-to-end visibility that moves your business forward. With a complete suite of tools including leasing, accounting, and finance, property owners and managers are more efficient. Plus, ResMan and Zego's seamless integration enhances the resident experience to boost retention, productivity and NOI.
Property manager using multifamily property management software

The easier way to tackle property management tasks

ResMan’s property management software improves your critical front and back office tasks.

  • Accounting becomes more efficient, accurate, and intuitive.
  • Budget management becomes straightforward thanks to easily accessible financial data.
  • Robust reporting tools make every moment a business breakthrough.

We're better together

There’s a reason Zego™ is a ResMan Platinum Partner for digital rent payments, resident billing, utility management, and resident engagement. Our combined solutions increase property performance and measurably boost retention by creating a sense of community and inclusion while supporting and empowering on-site staff.

Zego and ResMan property management software partnership

A platinum partnership that boosts efficiency and engagement

With Zego™, ResMan clients modernize their properties with cutting-edge technology.
  • “Zego™ has a seamless integration with ResMan. It's literally one click of a button and we have all we need.”

    Michelle Kimble
    Regional Manager, AC Lewis

Achieve 100% digital rent payments so you can ditch manual reconciliation

Zego™ Pay offers the leading, most complete and seamless integration with ResMan to help you boost online rent payments, improve collection rates, and save time. Your residents will love the convenience and flexibility of paying online or in person at a retail location.

Empower residents to pay how they want

A wealth of payment options are available online via eCheck, credit card, debit card, or virtual wallet. Cash payments at local retailers and checks are converted to digital transactions and integrated with your ResMan software.

Save time with faster, more accurate workflows

Application, rent, and other property payments seamlessly integrate with your accounting software. Payment cash receipts are automatically batched, too. Plus, handy features like locking balances help you ensure accurate payments and reduce delinquencies.

Make better decisions with real-time insights

Your ResMan accounting software is updated in real-time with Zego™ and ResMan-specific reports to help you reconcile more quickly and accurately.

ResMan with Zego™ makes business easier for you

“Digital payment utilization has also increased approximately 94%, which has allowed for more efficient operations. Residents now have all of their property and utility charges in one statement, and they pay them all at once. It has definitely made business easier for us. Just for myself, I save several hours per week thanks to the added automation.”

- Juan Levya, Acquisition Specialist at Wehner Multifamily

Mulfifamily resident using utilities

Escape the burdens of utility management

Zego™ Utility automates utility management so you can maximize recovery and minimize risk. We manage your utility A/P and recoupment processes end-to-end, with ongoing support and audits from legal and regulatory experts.
  • Recover water, sewer, trash, electric, and gas via RUBS utility billing or submeters
  • Delight residents with one statement that consolidates all property charges
  • Cut costs with utility bill audits, and ensure bills are paid correctly and on time
Multifamily residents using Zego Engage community app

Engage residents with a mobile app that does it all

Our all-in-one community branded app brings together property managers and busy residents to simplify apartment living.

  • Pay rent, utilities and other charges, and view itemized statements and history
  • Control smart home devices
  • Submit work orders and easily connect with property staff
  • Receive package notifications
smart apartment technology in a multifamily property

Differentiate your properties with stand-out smart home amenities

Zego™ Smart adds convenient smart apartment technology to your communities, so you can increase occupancy and grow rental rates.
  • We help you select a package of smart devices and give you the option to pair them with our apartment building WiFi solution.
  • Residents control smart devices through a community-branded mobile app
  • Community managers use their management portal to remotely resolve lockouts, issue access codes, and control lights and temperatures in vacant units.

Demo our ReMan integration

The longstanding partnership between ResMan and Zego™ means our integrations are a cut above the rest. As a result, you can enjoy optimized workflows for staff and residents, more accurate data, and zero manual workarounds.