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A GIF of Zego, a rent payment app that offers maximum payment flexibility, and whether residents pay online, by check, or with cash, all payments are automatically digitized.

The best rent payment app for automating cash flow & increasing efficiency

Residents can pay rent online with a sleek rent payment mobile app, in-person at a participating retail location, or even with a check mailed to Zego Pay Lockbox. No matter how they choose to pay, each payment is converted to a digital transaction that automatically integrates with your accounting software, saving your staff valuable time. Best of all, giving residents flexibility with unique options like  Flexible Rent Payments helps you get paid in full and on time, every time.

Start automating rent payments

Our 100% Digital Program guides you on how to achieve a 100% digital payments nirvana. Get a demo today of our property management payment automation software and start collecting rent the modern way!

Let’s talk rent payments

Our 100% Digital Program guides you on how to achieve a 100% digital payments nirvana. Get a demo today of our rent payment software and start collecting rent the modern way!

Find out why 7,000+ management companies trust Zego


Icon of higher productivity, Zego simplifies modern, automated property management workflows


Modern, automated property management workflows

  • Easily collect rent online through several rent payment options
  • Simplify, accelerate, and get more accurate reconciliations
  • Eliminate trips to the bank to deposit checks and money orders
  • Streamline security deposit payouts for compliance ease and fewer accounting challenges
Resident experience icon - Zego is a rent payment app that offers rent payment options that appeal to all residents


Offer rent payment options that appeal to all residents

  • Payment options include ACH, debit card, credit card, digital wallet, checks via Lockbox, and even good ‘ol fashioned cash via CashPay
  • Residents can use a mobile rent payment app, their computer, the phone, go to a retail location, or mail a check to our Lockbox to make a payment
  • Our rental payment credit reporting feature enables residents to build their credit scores with on-time, online rent payments
NOI money icon - Zego improves cash flow and allows faster funding


Improve cash flow

  • Enjoy fewer instances of lost or stolen checks and money orders
  • Achieve faster funding than manually processing checks
  • Get fewer delinquent payments with unique features like flexible rent payments and Zego’s Revenue Protection Suite
Graph icon - Grow your multifamily portfolio growth with Zego with continuous guidance from industry experts


Get continuous guidance from industry experts

  • Gain access to our 100% Digital Payments Program, which helps you collect more paperless rent payments
  • Enjoy best practice guidance including onboarding, training, resident contests, and more
  • Use our proprietary Rent Cycle Automation platform to help ensure you're paid online and on time, every time

Zego Pay works, no matter your portfolio type

Residents, homeowners and students can quickly pay rent, dues, utilities and any other property charges with ease. Our automated rent payment software simplifies the payment process for all portfolio types including traditional Multifamily, Single Family, HOA, Student Housing and Corporate Housing.


A complete rent collection system with an intuitive rent payment app

  • Modern rent payment app

    Ease the friction associated with paying online from a laptop or desktop computer. With our intuitive and sleek mobile app, residents can pay rent and utilities with three quick taps. When paired with Zego Mobile Doorman, residents can also chat with on-site staff, manage work orders, schedule amenities, and more.

  • Rental credit reporting

    Attract and retain responsible residents by enabling residents to build credit for online and on-time rent payments. Our Rental Credit Reporting feature reports every rent payment made through the Zego platform to credit bureaus. Best of all, it’s free!

  • 24/7/365 resident support

    Thanks to our around-the-clock support team, community managers don’t get tied up answering payment questions. Our phone support team answers resident questions and even processes payments over the phone.

  • Digital rent reminders

    Reduce payment delinquencies and improve cash flow with Rent Cycle Automation, a resident communication platform that customizes and automates rent reminders and/or payment notifications.

  • Detailed reporting

    With a variety of comprehensive reporting options, our rent collection software lets you quickly find the data you need and uncover meaningful trends.

  • Owner payments

    If you need to pay property owners, you can digitally deposit payments into their bank accounts instead of cutting paper checks.

  • Flexible funding

    Multiple bank accounts can be funded through a single resident transaction, simplifying reconciliation.

  • AutoPay & variable autopay

    Residents can schedule automatic recurring rent payments to cover their entire balance, even if the amount due changes month after month.

  • Revenue Protection Suite

    Shore up safeguards against NSF returns, fraud, and errors with Zego’s suite of Revenue Protection features. Residents use their existing bank login credentials to securely, quickly, and accurately connect their bank accounts to Zego with Account Connect. Once connected, balance checks with Balance Verification confirm there are sufficient funds in the account to cover each payment transaction, reducing risk of non-sufficient fund returns.

  • Modern Lockbox

    Give residents the flexibility to pay by check, while automating the end-to-end receivables process. Our lockbox for rent payments is fully integrated and contactless for staff, converting checks to digital payments before they hit your office.

  • Chargeback Defense

    Chargeback Defense helps protect multifamily properties against chargebacks. From rent to application fees, ACH, and credit card transactions, our comprehensive solution offers features for chargeback avoidance, protection and recovery. Partnering with Zego means peace of mind.

  • Resident Payouts

    Automate and accelerate the security deposit payout process, while securely allowing residents the flexibility to choose how they want to receive their funds.


The 2024 Rent Payment Trends Report

Learn the most effective methods to increase digital rent payment usage amongst your residents with our 2024 Rent Payment Trends Report. Based on research into our own user data, this free report details the top 5 data-backed ways management companies are digitizing their rent collection cycles.
Download now

Residents can pay rent anytime, anywhere, any way

Residents are more likely to pay digitally if you offer a variety of payment types. Our rent payment software lets them pay with any major credit or debit card, eCheck, or PayPal. We also offer integrated CashPay, Check Scanning, and Lockbox solutions for those who prefer not to pay rent online. Our 24x7x365 resident support phone line is also always available to take phone payments and answer resident and homeowner questions.

Icon of credit card

Online Rent Payments

Residents can pay anytime, anywhere on a one-time or automatic recurring basis. We offer e-check, all major credit cards, fixed fee debit card processing, PayPal, and even flexible rent payment options.

NOI money icon - Zego improves cash flow and allows faster funding


Replace money orders with CashPay, which enables residents to electronically pay rent with cash from one of 30,000+ CheckFreePay® locations nationwide.

Icon of check

Check Scanning

To convert checks into digital transactions, residents can use their smartphones for personal checks and staff can use office scanners for bulk conversions.

Icon of checklist

Modern Lockbox

Zego Lockbox is a fully integrated solution that eliminates paper checks from your offices and delights property staff with an automated, consolidated workflow.

Residents at laptop holding credit card paying online through Zego's rent payment app

How it works

Mobile Doorman Icon - Zego Mobile Doorman simplifies property management operations by automating common on-site workflows like rent payment processing, work order management, and resident renewals. Our resident experience management app enables residents to quickly self-service daily tasks while building deeper and more delightful connections with their community.

1. Residents pay anywhere, anytime:

Residents pay rent or dues online or through our intuitive rent payment mobile app.

NOI money icon - Zego improves cash flow and allows faster funding

2. Residents select their preferred payment method:

Residents use their preferred payment method, such as eCheck, credit or debit card or PayPal. Other flexible rent payment options include paying rent with cash from one of the 30,000+ CheckFreePay® locations nationwide, or by calling into Zego 24x7x365. Paper checks can also be easily converted into digital transactions via Zego Mobile CheckScan.

Resident experience icon - Zego is a rent payment app that offers rent payment options that appeal to all residents

3. Zego integrates rent payments and funds your account:

No matter how residents choose to pay, our online rent payment system seamlessly integrates all transactions into your accounting software. We deposit the funds into the bank account/s of your choice for each of your properties. No matter how residents choose to pay, our online rent payment system seamlessly integrates all transactions into your accounting software. We deposit the funds into the bank accounts of your choice for each of your properties.

Icon of buildings - Zego automates many of the manual tasks that bog down on-site associates. Plus, our tools make it easier to communicate and engage with residents, ultimately improving resident satisfaction with your community.

4. Your communities thrive:

Zego Pay improves the payment process for residents and community staff, giving everyone time back in their day. Our rent payment software automates critical workflows so your business becomes more efficient thanks to reduced administrative work, better cash flow, and real-time integrated data.

Delight residents with modern rent payment features designed for convenience and peace of mind

Account Connect

Residents use their existing bank login credentials to securely and accurately connect their bank accounts to Zego, reducing risk of errors and providing a great experience.

Balance Verification

Automated balance checks verify there are sufficient funds in linked accounts to cover each payment transaction, reducing risk of non-sufficient fund returns and associated NSF fees.

Mobile CheckScan

Residents can easily link their bank accounts to pay rent and other property charges one-time or for ongoing auto payments. A quick snapshot of their check captures the key details needed, so you can keep paper out of your office.

Reviews from our users

  • Big Part of Our Team!

    [Zego has] been a tremendous partner with us in getting our payment system streamlined. They've helped us gameplan and push a majority of our customers to use the online portal to make payments which have helped us prioritize employee time. Instead of posting payments, they are creating relationships with our tenants.

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  • Great compliment to rent collecting for multifamily housing

    Zego has been a game changer for us, converting our rental payments from money orders to all electronic. A lot less stress on my end when it comes to collecting rents.

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  • Zego customers for 5+ years

    [Zego] is user-friendly and makes it easy for us to accept tenant payments and for tenants to pay online in whatever way they choose! Helping get us to mostly online payments [ ...] frees up staff time for other issues.

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  • Zego for Resident Payments

    We use Zego to allow residents at our apartment complexes to pay rent online. It has been very easy to implement and use. It integrates with our management software, which makes recording payments very easy. So far I have also had very good customer service.

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  • Great service, simple and easy!!

    [Zego is ] a convenient way for tenants to pay online. Payments are easily sent to our account. Quick response times when we have an issue that needs to be discussed. Easy integration with our [...] software. Reasonable fees.

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  • Resident payments made simple & easy

    The best thing about [Zego] is the ability to see when resident's have logged on, when they have received errors paying, and clearly see when there is an NSF/returned payment. As an assistant manager, it is very easy to keep track of when payments are made and what is happening on the back end.

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  • Great Time and Money Saving Resources

    The level of automation which [Zego] helps take so much off the plates of the team is beyond helpful, great customer service and well thought out and built programs. Going fully digital with payments saves property managers an incredible amount of time each month.

    Read more reviews
  • Great for payments and utilities

    Being able to get residents to pay online while we eat the cost of the ACH fee has been amazing and saved our sites so much time during the beginning of the month.

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  • Zego is a Gold Mine!

    Being able to process payments in the office instead of going to the bank is such a time saver! The accuracy of the system is very impressive. The help that is available through the very knowledgeable staff really puts my mind at ease knowing any problem can be resolved very quickly and accurately.

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  • Great Product, Easy Use

    [Zego makes] it easy and user friendly for our residents to make rent payments. We are seeing that more people pay on time when it convenient to submit a payment online. Once you've made a process so simple you don't have to leave your couch to pay, who wouldn't want this service?

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  • Gets the job done

    Implemented this after having NO online payment capability, so it definitely made things much easier for my team. Tenants can now pay their rent online and can even apply without being in the office.

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The platform perks you get with Zego Pay

online rent payment system

Modern & intuitive user experience

Many proptech platforms were built in a different era and come with clunky front-end user interfaces. Zego Pay features a modern and highly intuitive user experience. Our property management payment automation platform features simple and elegant workflows that allow your residents to pay quickly and without any confusion.

Learn more
Woman helping father pay online with credit through Zego, a rent payment app

Seamless integrations

With 20 years of building and maintaining property management systems integrations, we offer the best integrations in the industry. Our seamless connections with your accounting software save your staff time and eliminate the need for manual workarounds.

Learn more
A resident viewing Zego, a rent payment app, on laptop

World-class service & support

We hang our hat on delivering personalized support and strategic guidance that you won’t find anywhere else. We are a four-time winner of the Stevie Award for Client Support, and we offer 24x7x365 resident support. Our proactive Client Success Managers provide best practices and recommendations to ensure you are getting full value from the platform.

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Hands typing on keyboard laptop

Enterprise-grade security

We know how important data security is to your company and residents. Zego’s technology and internal operations greatly minimize security risk. To be sure of this, we commission an annual SSAE18 review from an external security specialist. These security experts review our processes and confirm that we have the highest standards in place for controls, procedures, and processes.

We also adhere to a strict set of rules and best practices designed to protect and safeguard customer card data (PCI Level 1 Compliance). For sensitive data that flows through our system, we use 256-bit encryption, one of the most modern and secure encryption methods available.

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Our 100% Digital Program guides you on how to achieve a 100% digital payments nirvana. Get a demo today of our rent payment software and start collecting rent the modern way!

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