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Multifamily apartment residents viewing their lease which offers the options of using cash rent payments through Zego

Turn cash rent payments and money orders into digital rent payments

Eliminate the risk and hassle of accepting cash rent payments by digitizing the payment process. With Zego CashPay, residents simply visit any CheckFreePay location nationwide and their cash rent payment is digitally routed to your bank account. Transactions are automatically visible in your property management software, and funds are available sooner than a manual or in-office transaction.

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How it works

Replace money orders with CashPay by enabling your residents to electronically pay rent with cash from one of 30,000+ CheckFreePay® locations nationwide.

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1. Residents receive a customized ID

Using the Zego admin portal, community managers assign each resident a CheckFreePay® ID. Residents get a copy of their ID.

NOI money icon - Zego improves cash flow and allows faster funding

2. Residents pay from a retail location

From any of the 30,000+ CheckFreePay® retail locations nationwide (including Walmart), your resident presents the teller with their account ID and cash rent payment.

3. We integrate & fund

Cash payments are automatically converted into a digital transaction, and the funds are deposited into your bank account. CashPay transactions are instantly visible in your accounting software.

Icon of buildings - Zego automates many of the manual tasks that bog down on-site associates. Plus, our tools make it easier to communicate and engage with residents, ultimately improving resident satisfaction with your community.

4. Communities thrive

CashPay saves community managers from processing manual payments and eliminates fraud and theft. Plus, it reduces the turnaround time for payments to hit your bank account.

What you'll love most about CashPay

  • Revenue protection

    Reduction in fraud and theft associated with cash and money orders.

  • Convenience

    Eliminate trips to the bank to deposit paper-based payments.

  • Best-in-class automation

    Seamless integration eliminates the need to manually enter payment details into your accounting software.

  • Efficient funding

    Increased funding time thanks to faster processing and reduced return item risk.

  • More digital payments

    Capture 100% of rent payments digitally.

  • Fewer errors

    Eliminate the need to follow up with residents regarding money order errors.

Who we help

Zego Pay CashPay benefits any portfolio that has residents who wish to pay rent with cash or money order. Traditional multifamily, single family, HOA, student housing, and corporate housing all utilize CashPay as an alternative to cash and money orders.

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CashPay locations

Find one of the 30,000+ CheckFreePay® retail locations nationwide close to you.

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Reviews from our users

  • Big fan of Zego

    Zego has made our lives easier by giving us the place for our residents to pay their rent online. We also use Cashpay which is new for us and it's been awesome. We no longer take money orders and instead, they use cashpay and the money goes directly into their account. No more scanners not reading the money orders causing bank errors!

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  • Zego & rentals

    Zego makes it easy for our residents to make payments through various channels for their rent. They can set up automatic, recurring payments, pay via CashPay (which works like a money order) or make one-time payments through our rental portal.

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  • A+ for Zego

    It's easy for residents to make payments online via our property management software thanks to Zego. I also appreciate their CashPay portal that allows us to limit the number of physical money orders to the office. Their customer service is great and responsive, in my experience.

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  • Time Saver

    Zego has helped us streamline payments and save so much time! Our residents love the ability to pay online, set up autopay, or use cash at the store. They have many options to meet any residents preferences!

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  • Great products and customer service

    We use Zego CashPay, as well as the Online Pay option [and therefore take in less checks]. It's convenient as easy for our residents. We had [difficulty] scanning money orders into our bank. They couldn't be read and therefore lots of time was being spent in bank corrections. We no longer accept money orders and use CashPay.

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  • Great option for residents traditionally paying with money orders

    Being able to take cash transactions at a local store and convert them to "online" payments [and] being able to get rid of paper checks and money orders has saved our CMs so much time throughout their day.

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