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Zego™ announces new features to streamline digital rent payments and elevate the resident experience

On heels of Mobile Doorman acquisition, PropTech industry leader unveils new features and publishes eBook guide to streamline digital rent payments and achieve 100% digital rent payment adoption 

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (March 11, 2021) — Zego™ (Powered by PayLease), the property technology company that optimizes the resident experience for owners and managers of multifamily and HOA communities, today announced the addition of two new features to Zego™ Pay, its industry-leading rent collection software. 

Zego™ Pay, which enables a frictionless and fully digital rent payment experience, will now offer two brand-new features to further enhance the efficiency of the Zego™ resident experience:

Zego™ Pay Rapid Account Linking allows residents to automatically link their bank account to Zego™ with the same username and password they use to login to their bank. Zego’s Plaid integration provides additional convenience by ensuring accuracy for setting up payment accounts and preventing manual data entry.


Zego™ Pay Mobile CheckScan enables residents to convert a paper check to a digital payment method via their mobile device. Users will now be able to take a photo of their check and convert it to a digital payment applicable to rent and other property charges immediately.

“A fundamental aspect of the resident experience is the ability to easily, efficiently, and safely pay your rent. This is why we’re continuously working to create the most user-friendly, convenient, and safe experience that we can with Zego™,” said Stephen Baker, chief product officer at Zego™. “We believe these innovations will delight residents and play a significant role in helping property owners and managers streamline digital payments and achieve full adoption of online rent payments.”

In addition to improving the resident experience, the new features will raise operational efficiency and staff productivity levels at communities that utilize Zego™. By optimizing their online rent payment systems, owners, operators, and property management companies are able to improve cash flow and reduce payment returns and delinquencies.

Last month, Zego™ announced the acquisition of the multifamily industry’s leading mobile resident engagement and data analytics solution, Mobile Doorman, which provides a customizable, branded app for multifamily operators and residents to engage via mobile devices. Both the acquisition — Zego’s third in two years — and the new Zego™ Pay features are reflective of the rapidly evolving demands of the rental housing industry, including the modernization of mission-critical processes such as lease renewals, communication, maintenance, and payment collection.

In concert with the release of the new features, Zego™ has published its latest eBook, 5 Proven Steps To Reach 100% Digital Rent Payment Adoption. Based on research exploring property management strategies for effectively transitioning residents to use digital payment methods, the step-by-step guide leverages data compiled over the past year examining best practices already in use and provides five foundational steps to achieving full digital rent adoption.

“As resident expectations continue to evolve, the ability to seamlessly integrate new digital payment options into a building’s resident experience is more than convenient; it is critical,” Baker said. “Our vision at Zego™ goes beyond just supporting residential property owners with great products. Our team is committed to helping property managers close the gap that exists between what residents expect and what many residential communities are currently providing from a service and mobile technology standpoint. The outcome will be happier residents who are more likely to renew their lease and recommend the community, as well as happier property staff with more time available to serve them.”

You can access the eBook here.

About Zego

Zego™ (Powered by PayLease) is a property technology company that frees management companies and community associations to go above and beyond for their residents through resident experience management solutions. Zego™ enables operators in the residential real estate industry to modernize their resident experience, boosting satisfaction and operational efficiency. From payments and utilities to communications and smart devices, everything seamlessly integrates into the property management back-end system.

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