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5 proven steps to reach 100% digital rent payment adoption

Exceed your residents’ expectations & save your staff time

Download this free 77-page guide to learn:

  • Why COVID has created a lasting shift towards digital payments
  • What are residents’ expectations, and how you can exceed them
  • Where and when you’ll save staff time by going paperless
  • Results our customers have seen by achieving to 100% digital rent payment adoption

Why multifamily properties are focused on digital rent payment adoption

One day the COVID pandemic will be over. But the trends we’re seeing now to move fully digital will undoubtedly continue.

Resident expectations will shift across all demographics, but Gen Z in particular will certainly shy away from writing checks and carrying cash.

This brand new guide is designed to support you in tackling today’s shifts in resident demographics and expectations, so you can confidently move away from paper and towards digital.

5 Proven Steps to Reaching 100% Digital Rent Payment Adoption takes you through the five foundational steps to achieving full adoption, offering tried and tested tips, Zego customer success stories, and general guidelines to achieving 100% digital payment adoption.

Our 100% digital methodology

We created this methodology to help you save your staff time and increase efficiency through transitioning from paper to online payments. Our products and features are built around the goal of eliminating paper-based payments. We know that the transition from paper to digital can be difficult for most, so we’ve been working hard to enhance our product with features like Mobile Checkscan & Rapid Account Linking to make the transition easier.

Linked below you will find all the tips and tricks you need to make the transition, and if that’s not enough, scroll up and download our guide: 5 Proven Steps to Reach 100% Digital Rent Payment Adoption.

Case studies


Our first iteration of the 100% online rent payment adoption ebook helps you eliminate paper-based rent in 5 steps.

The property manager’s guide to 100% online rent payment adoption

digital rent payment adoption

Take digital payments to the next level

Zego™ is a property technology company that frees management companies and community associations to go above and beyond for residents through resident experience management solutions. Zego™ Pay minimizes the volume of paper payments that come through your door by offering residents convenient and flexible alternatives. From CashPay to Credit Reporting and more, we offer payment features to save your staff time and allow them to focus on improving your residents’ experience.

Achieving 100% digital payments explained

Check out our free best practices guide on moving from paper payments to digital.

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