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The property manager’s guide to 100% online rent payment adoption

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Eliminate paper-based rent payments in 5 steps

This step-by-step guide provides everything you need to achieve 100% digital payments at your communities. Filled with instructions, checklists, sample assets, and additional tools, it’s your resource for reducing operating costs and increasing portfolio value. Are you up to the challenge to achieve paperless perfection?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The key incentives driving top property management companies to implement online rent payments
  • How to completely eliminate paper-based payments
  • How to collect rent online in five steps
  • Whether or not your current adoption rate is “healthy” according to Zego’s proprietary Digital Rent Payments Health Check tool

Why should property managers adopt online rental payments?

The industry average for digitally submitted rent payments is close to 30%. However, the top quartile of our Zego multifamily customers capture well over 50%. We were curious what was contributing to their success, so we launched a research study of our top-ranking clients. We found that, overall, digitizing rent collection isn’t a colossal undertaking. It does require initial investments in technology, training, and marketing, though. That’s where we’re here to help.

Who are we?

Zego is a property technology company that frees management companies and community associations to go above and beyond for residents. We’re evolving with the residential landscape, making a difference in how our customers work by building connections and easing friction. We offer technology that creates a sense of community and inclusion while also supporting and empowering on-site staff

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