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Connected communities: Enhance the resident experience with a community mobile app

With Zego Mobile Doorman, managers connect with their communities through an easy-to-use mobile app, while providing residents with a one-stop shop to manage all of their community functions.

  • Streamline resident communication
  • Save property staff time
  • Increasing online payment utilization
  • Give residents a modern experience they’ll love

Watch this video to learn how communities are leveraging mobile apps to enhance the resident experience at their properties.

Give on-site managers a more effective way to cater to residents’ needs while providing your residents with a seamless way to interact with their community.

You know how important resident satisfaction is to the success of your business. Satisfied residents pay rent on time, renew their lease and refer friends to the community. But when it comes to engaging with your residents, that’s where things get difficult. On-site staff spends too much time dealing with low value tasks such as manually collecting payments, managing work orders, and tracking packages, when they should be focused on engaging with residents and managing the community.

But it’s difficult for residents to interact with your team because leasing office hours are limited and typically overlap with resident’s work schedules. It’s challenging for residents and staff to connect whether it’s in person, over the phone, or via email causing delays and frustrations. So to bridge the communication gap and improve the resident experience you use a variety of products and services. But each one comes with their own app or portal and residents are overwhelmed by all the mechanisms they have to navigate just to interact with your staff and community. Important messages are lost or overlooked in underutilized apps, and resident satisfaction plummets.

So how do you deliver a seamless experience to your on-the-go residents who live on their smartphones when most property management software has been designed for your staff and their desktop computers? You need an easy, effective way to improve resident satisfaction. You need a community engagement platform that centralizes everything in one place for your residents and gives time back to your property staff to focus on high value activities.

With Zego Mobile Doorman managers connect with their communities through an easy-to-use mobile app, while providing residents with a one-stop shop to manage all of their community functions. They can pay rent and utilities on-the-go, submit and track work orders, communicate with staff & their community and even access resident-exclusive discounts at local businesses. For the first time residents are empowered to communicate on their terms. Residents are happier and more connected to their community, making them more likely to renew their lease and refer friends. Your staff can focus on fostering relationships and high impact tasks that propel their career and your business forward.

Connected communities don’t just happen, they take empowered managers that are equipped with the right tools for the job. When it comes to driving engagement and efficiency at your community, count on PayLease.

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