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Boutique Apartments

Boutique Apartments manages approximately 3,000 units in and around Denver, CO. Already a satisfied Online Payments customer, they turned to PayLease to improve productivity and increase cost savings by implementing Resident Utility Billing and Utility Expense Management.

“Using PayLease payments, utility management and billing has made a world of difference for us. I wish we would have started using PayLease sooner.”

Jennifer Howard
Chief Financial Officer at Boutique Apartments

The Challenge

Utilities used to be the biggest source of headaches for Boutique Apartments. Every aspect of utility management, from recouping those expenses from residents, to paying their properties’ utility invoices, was riddled with inefficiencies. They were using another vendor to bill residents for utility expenses, however the vendor could not provide integration with Rent Manager, Boutique Apartment’s property management software. Without integration, accessing details about if and when residents had paid for utilities was challenging.

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