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PayLease Hires Submetering Expert Chris Stimac

PayLease, a leading payments, billing, and utility expense management provider for property management companies and HOAs, announced it has hired Chris Stimac, an expert in the utility and submetering industry, as a National Sales Executive. Stimac will specialize in sales of PayLease’s submetering services, which enable property management companies to meter their residents’ utility consumption on an individual basis. The addition of a seasoned Submetering Sales Executive will allow PayLease to offer in-depth guidance and expertise to property management companies looking to implement these services.

PayLease has experienced high demand for submetering since it began offering the service last year. It now monitors over 500,000 meter points on a daily basis.

“PayLease’s submetering program has some strong competitive advantages over others in the industry,” remarked Stimac. “I think that my submetering background, combined with PayLease’s innovative solutions will enable property managers to better manage their utility expenses, and ultimately improve their NOI. I’m very excited to be a part of this team,” he added.

Stimac has several years of experience specializing in submeter sales, previously working at Minol USA for 14 years. Prior to moving into Sales, Stimac worked as a submetering field technician, and as Fields Operations Manager. He is a graduate from the University of Washington.

About PayLease                                                                                

PayLease provides online payments, billing, and utility expense management tools to HOAs and property management companies. Property managers use PayLease to offer their residents convenient online payment options and to improve their business’ operational efficiencies. Our solutions are easy-to-use and are backed with the highest levels of security and customer support. Since our inception in 2003, PayLease has grown to serve thousands of property management companies nationwide and is among the fastest-growing technology companies in the United States.

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