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Screenshot of Zego's Lockbox, a property management lockbox, a fully integrated, comprehensive, and contactless payment solution for property management companies and homeowner associations.

A modern property management lockbox for multifamily & HOA payments

When homeowners and residents pay online it’s ideal, but some aren’t ready to let go of paper checks. As a result, your on-site staff can spend hundreds of hours each month scanning checks, making deposits, and reconciling payments. With Zego Pay Lockbox, multifamily residents and homeowners get the flexibility to pay how they choose, while you enjoy an automated end-to-end receivables process. 

Improve security and efficiency by automating the end-to-end receivables process

Zego Pay Lockbox lets you give residents and homeowners the flexibility of paying by check, cashiers check, or money order, while automating the end-to-end receivables process. The manual check processing burden is removed from your associates, giving them valuable time back in their day. Plus, the risk of fraud and theft associated with having paper payments in your office is eliminated. 

Resident experience icon - Zego is a rent payment app that offers rent payment options that appeal to all residents

Free staff time

Save time and resources for your staff with lockbox automation and end manual data entry.

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Connect multiple workflows

Provide staff efficiency with a fully integrated solution to process lockbox and all other online payments.

Eliminate fraud risk

Remove the risks of fraud and theft associated with paper payments by removing them from your offices. 

Improve daily operations

Automate time-consuming workflows with Lockbox and minimize the costs associated with manual check processing while providing residents a choice of their payment options.

Lockbox payment processing built for multifamily property management companies & HOAs

Fully integrated platform with one consolidated workflow

With Zego, you won’t juggle multiple platforms to get a clear view of your receivables. Our fully integrated solution gives you a consolidated workflow with one platform, one rules engine, and one reporting system.

Built to meet the needs of property & community management

Access all your accounts receivable payment types from one convenient portal. Easily view and manage checks and exceptions. Conveniently split single checks between multiple tenant ledgers and bank accounts - all seamlessly integrated.

More visibility and control in your hands

With our modern property management lockbox solutions for payments, you maintain control! As soon as checks are received at the lockbox site, they are imaged and accessible in Zego. Plus, your payment rules - such as the requirement for certain residents to pay with cash-equivalent methods - are honored, so you don’t have to worry.

Transition to 100% digital receivables with a property management lockbox solution for rent payments

With Zego Pay Lockbox, give your residents the option to pay by check while automating your end-to-end receivables process. Our fully integrated solution converts checks to digital payments before they hit your office.

Property managers viewing laptop with Zego Pay Lockbox, a fully integrations payment solution

Ditch manual payments processes & run your business more efficiently

  • Fully integrated solution
  • Single receivables platform
  • One rules and reporting engine
  • Review and reconcile exceptions through Zego
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Free up time to focus on what matters most

  • 100% digital payments from residents and homeowners
  • No more trips to the bank
  • Automated reconciliation with your accounting software
  • Simple singular workflow that even accommodates split checks
Property manager viewing Zego Pay Lockbox

Keep a clear eye on your financials

  • Daily scanning as soon as checks are received
  • Fast ledger visibility and processing
  • Real-time check image visibility in the web portal
  • Reduced risk of fraud and theft


Five proven steps to reach 100% digital rent payment adoption

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A check to be handled by Zego Pay Lockbox, a property management lockbox that is a fully integrated, comprehensive, and contactless payment solution for property management companies and homeowner associations.

How Zego Pay Lockbox works

Resident experience icon - Zego is a rent payment app that offers rent payment options that appeal to all residents

1. P.O. boxes are activated

Zego activates P.O. boxes for your properties during onboarding.

Icon of check

2. Checks are mailed to P.O. boxes

Residents and homeowners mail checks or money orders directly to P.O. boxes.

3. Payments are processed

Checks are scanned daily and matched to resident accounts.

Icon of buildings - Zego automates many of the manual tasks that bog down on-site associates. Plus, our tools make it easier to communicate and engage with residents, ultimately improving resident satisfaction with your community.

4. Communities thrive

Payments are processed, automatically integrated with accounting software, and visible with all your other receivables in the Zego platform.

Why our property management lockbox solution is a cut above the rest

  • Single receivables platform

    Process lockbox and all other online payments - including credit, debit, ACH, PayPal and even CashPay - in a single platform.

  • One rules and reporting engine

    Honor your existing payment rules, such as residents who can only pay with a cash equivalent status.

  • Automated payments reconciliation:

    Let our trusted accounting software integrations cut out the manual work associated with reconciliation.

  • Easy exception and split check handling:

    View check images online and quickly allocate them to the right ledger or split single checks between multiple tenant ledgers and bank accounts to accommodate HUD checks, homeowners with multiple dues, etc.

  • Fast time-to-cash

    Receive payments as quickly as possible with our conveniently-located P.O. boxes.

  • Real-time check visibility

    Immediately see checks scanned and posted within Zego Admin.

Chat with a Zego expert

Ease the pains of manual receivables management with Zego Pay Lockbox. Outsource your paper payments handling, and free up time to grow your business with automated workflows and enhanced control.

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