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How it works: Resident Billing video

Increase your property’s NOI and grow your portfolio with Resident Billing

Resident Utility Billing has gained momentum in recent years because it helps to better manage unpredictable utility expenses in an operating budget, and improve cash flow. With PayLease’s Resident Billing, property management companies have a more efficient way to:

  • Recoup utility expenses
  • Improve NOI
  • Provide a better resident experience

Utilities, the third largest expense for multifamily properties, are on the rise and eating away at your bottom line. Savvy management companies are recouping their growing utility costs in a way that maximizes revenue while providing a great resident experience. With PayLeases’ Resident Billing you can too.

  • Our legal experts work with you to set up the best recoupment strategy for each of your properties, identifying your maximum allowable recovery rate.
  • A single resident statement is generated on your behalf monthly with rent, utilities, and all property charges. Residents make one online payment that flows directly to you, no intermediaries.
  • Our cutting-edge system is integrated with your management software and fully automated. You’ll Increase operational efficiency, save time for your staff and gain insight into your portfolio’s performance through business intelligence.

The Results: Increase your property’s NOI and grow your portfolio with Zego (Powered by PayLease).

Let us calculate how much money you’re currently leaving on the table.

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