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Property manager viewing Zego on laptop, a software that provides workflow automation for property managers

Automate your property management workflow

Refocus your community managers’ attention away from administrative tasks and onto resident retention and satisfaction. Zego automates workflows and improves apartment-related tasks that traditionally cause friction between residents and community managers. Thanks to better staff workflows, intuitive self-service options for residents, more transparent communication tools, and portfolio insights, you’ll retain (and attract) more residents and employees.

Zego for property managers

Zego's workflow automation technology for property management enables clients to go 100% digital with resident payments, completely offload utility management, and run on-site operations like package management, work orders, and lease renewals through a modern mobile app.

We dramatically simplify your most cumbersome processes, so you can focus on surpassing goals and your residents’ expectations.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with leading property management systems, which means you get more done with less effort and can confidently make decisions with portfolio-wide visibility.

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Reviews from our users

  • Zego for Resident Payments

    We use Zego to allow residents at our apartment complexes to pay rent online. It has been very easy to implement and use. It integrates with our management software, which makes recording payments very easy. So far I have also had very good customer service.

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  • Zego [...] program works great

    [I enjoy] the ease of using the interface for both customer and property management personnel. [Zego] continues to innovate and offer new options that help both us and the tenants!

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  • Great Time and Money Saving Resources

    The level of automation which [Zego] helps take so much off the plates of the team is beyond helpful, great customer service and well thought out and built programs. Going fully digital with payments saves property managers an incredible amount of time each month.

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  • Easy System to Use, Integrates Well

    The integration of this billing software has saved a tremendous amount of time for property managers. Any type of program that can alleviate work load for a manager is key. [...] It is easy for both managers and residents to understand.

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  • Functionally and Easy to Use

    Overall this is a great program! It allows residents to easily make and track payments, easily allows management to track, and process payments and refunds.

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Find out how Zego powers the residential real estate industry with workflow automation for property managers that eases friction, builds connections, and enables all stakeholders to prosper together.

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