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Deliver the ultimate resident experience

Simplify property operations and unify critical resident touchpoints with the industry's leading resident experience management software. Free up time for staff to focus on what matters most while enabling residents to manage their day-to-day living experience from a mobile app in the palms of their hands.

How much could you save in resident turnover costs?

Did you know it costs the average multifamily property $3,976 turnover a resident, and that it takes 19 months on average to recover those costs? Most turnover is preventable with our solution. Speak with a Zego expert to learn more and get a demo.

The building blocks of better resident experience management

Go beyond offering residents the basics they expect from multifamily living. Zego’s comprehensive software platform helps set your properties apart by empowering staff with the tools and workflow automation they need to succeed and by delighting residents from move-in to renewal.

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Resident Lifecycle Management

Effortlessly manage critical parts of the resident lifecycle, and delight residents in the process.

  • App Access: Give incoming residents access to your branded community app before move-in, where they can reserve an elevator for the big day.
  • Move-In Checklists: Ensure critical tasks like transferring utilities are done on time, and simplify unit inspections with handy Prepare and Move-in checklists.
  • Smart Renewals: Provide multiple lease renewal offers, share contracts and complete e-signatures with a seamless mobile process.
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Mobile App-Enabled Property Operations

Bring joy and simplicity to living and working at your community by automating common property operations workflows.

  • Digital Payments: Get more on-time and online rent payments with flexible payment options and a seamless rent payment app.
  • Work Order Management: Enable residents to submit and view the status of apartment maintenance requests on their mobile phones.
  • Resident Communications: Chat with individual residents or set up automated group messages, and boost engagement by using residents' preferred communication method.
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Resident Engagement

Make your community a one-of-a-kind place to live and enable residents to enjoy all it has to offer.

  • Amenity Reservations: Encourage residents to review and reserve amenities right from their mobile app.
  • Marketplace Offers: Offer custom deals to local services, restaurants and more through Zego Marketplace.
  • Community Event Marketing: Advertise community events on your app’s home screen, where residents can view and RSVP.
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Resident Satisfaction

Empower staff with workflow automation & user-friendly technology that helps them exceed goals and delight residents.

  1. Process Automation: Simplify daily tasks like maintenance requests, package management, and pet registration with a comprehensive resident app for multifamily.
  2. Resident Surveys: Use flexible in-app surveys to get resident feedback on service levels, amenities, and more.
  3. Resident Insights: Use powerful analytics to uncover resident preferences and drive satisfaction.


2024 Resident Experience Management Report

Building on four years of insights from property managers, our latest report includes direct feedback from renters. Thanks to a survey sponsored by American Express, we've gathered perspectives from over 1,000 renters and 600 multifamily companies to provide a dual perspective on the current state of the multifamily resident experience.
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Let's talk about resident experience management

Save valuable time and connect your community with a comprehensive multifamily resident experience software.

Our resident experience management solution is backed by 20 years of leadership in multifamily and award-winning support. Speak with a Zego Sales representative, and get a personalized tour of our platform.

  • What's Your Resident Experience Score?

    Take this 10-question quiz to find out how your Resident Experience program stacks up! At the end, you'll get a set of customized recommendations and resources to help take your score to the next level.

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    What's your name?

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    How many units do you manage?

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    Do you provide an online forum for residents to connect with each other and/or their neighborhood?

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    Are your residents able to self-serve when they have common questions? (e.g. package retrieval, guest registration, etc.)

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    Do you offer residents multiple payment options for rent?

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    Do you provide a self-serve option for residents to create and track work orders?

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    Do you collect feedback from residents following the completion of work orders?

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    Do you send resident satisfaction surveys on a regular basis?

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    Do you offer lease renewal incentives?

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    Do you have goals around resident retention and/or turnover reduction?

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    What's your email address?

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